Erez Toobi- Criminal Law Expert

Erez Toobi- Criminal Law Expert

Erez Toobi specializes in representing suspects and defendants;
appeal proceedings at district courts and at the Supreme Court;

expert legal handling of  preliminary indictment ––—procedures until completion.
Erez Toobi provides representation services for imprisoned individuals submitting pleas,
or standing before a petition committee.

Attorney Erez Toobi deals with criminal law issues,
and provides counseling and representation in criminal cases including release from arrest,
deleting criminal record, plea bargain, and issuance of "certificate of integrity".

Erez Toobi provides constant personal support,
and counselling during the entire process from pleas through appellations to District Courts and the Supreme Court.

These cases are critical and demand the involvement of a highly skilled Criminal Law Expert,
starting from the moment the suspect is arrested.

The pre -conviction period includes several immensely important "crossroads":
providing the suspect with guidance before questioning and hearing and representation during the time the person is under arrest.

The office of Adv. Erez Toobi specializes at representing a multitude of criminal law violations including threats,
violence, weapons possession, murder, harassment and sexual offense,
drug abuse, property, and white collar crime.

  With an uncompromising professionalism and devotion to professionalism Adv. Erez Toobi accompanies the client from the very start of the legal proceedings to their full completion.

If you are a suspect in a criminal mater, do not hesitate! Contact us without delay for professional legal representation during the investigation stage. We strongly recommend that you do not until the legal process to enter a more advanced stage before seeking expert advice.  Remember: everyone has the right to legal representation that ensures an equitable and proper legal procedure. This also guarantees that all procedural and substantive rights of the accused are preserved throughout the various legal proceedings.

Criminal Attorney Erez Toobi offers a most reliable, quality and professional service combined with a commitment to his clients.   He represents clients in courts of various levels all across the country

For information and an initial consultation, call now: 050-4321160 or fill out the form and we will contact you without delay.

Criminal Law expert Erez Tobi represents suspects in following cases:


Violent crime actually includes violation of an individual's rights to live a peaceful life without fear or damage. This kind of violation is defined by its intensity or severity: assault, assault causing physical injury, assaulting a public servant, tampering with serious intent, injury, damage or injury under aggravated circumstances, negligence and more. In fact, for every type of violation, there is a well-defined punishment,  specified in the Penal Code. A person suspected of such offenses is entitled to a criminal attorney. To continue reading the article on violence – click here.

Sexual offense

Sexual offense (abuse) is defined as an assault and abuse of the victim's body intended to provide satisfaction to the offender or to humiliate the victim. According to the law, crime that involves sex is prohibited to all individuals.

However, rape falls into a unique category, being directed primarily towards women (adult or minor).
Therefore, according to the legal definition, a man or woman cannot be convicted of rape if the assault victim was male.

According to the existing law, severity of the violation is determined by several factors such as age of the victim,
relations between the victim and the offender (kinship, a relationship of authority between the parties, etc.),
and the age of the victim at the time the crime was allegedly committed.

To illustrate how serious the accusation of rape can be: according to the criminal law codex an individual can be imprisoned for more than 16 years  if convicted of defilement of a woman without her consent; the law determines a 20-year imprisonment  for raping a minor under the age of 16. In contrast, the average imprisonment period for sodomy is 3-5 years. For more information on sexual offenses – click here

Drug violations

There is a strict legislative framework concerning drug violations, the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance.

The Dangerous Drug Ordinance addresses the various aspects of drug crime: drug possession, drug supply, drug trading, and the import and export of drugs.

In this case, unlike other criminal violations, there is no apparent victim.
However, the damage caused by crimes falling under this category can be felt by society in general and by drug users in particular.

Several aspects of drug violations differ in severity:
the maintenance of drugs for personal use; supply, production, preparation and production of drugs;
trade, export and import of drugs; accordingly, the penal sanctions differ in their severity.

The Dangerous Drugs Ordinance determines the levels of severity that can  be contradicted both by the suspect and the accuser, in terms of type and quantity of drugs –
factors that lead us to the conclusion whether the drugs were meant  for personal use or not. Erez Toobi,
Criminal Law expert, clarifies for the avoidance of doubt:the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance bans all drugs without exclusion – marijuana, cocaine, heroin (and any other) – in spite of a common misconception of distinguishing between the so called "soft" drugs and the rest. Please read more about drug violations in the following article:

"White Collar" crimes

These violations often take place at the workplace, committed by managers or junior staff in relation to their role and the authority. White collar crimes include, among others, bribery, fraud, guile, forgery, extortion, tax evasion, failure to comply with certain requirements, false reports, violation of the VAT Act, abuse of confidential information,  violations of  antitrust law and others. It is important to note that this is a criminal violation and there are considerable sanctions prescribed in the Penal Code. Please read more about "White Collar" crimes in the following article:

Property violations

The Law of Human Dignity and Liberty refers to the damage to a person's possessions, namely property. This type of violation includes the taking of property by one individual from another person without his or her consent. As a result, it is considered a crime of theft and criminal procedures follow. Theseviolations result from the legislative prohibition of the underlying crime – the prohibition of theft: theft under aggravating circumstances, theft by a public servant, theft by employee, theft by a director, theft by an agent and more. Each category leads to relevant penal sanctions. Learn more about property violations

Weapons violations

Weapons violations are considerable because of the actual risk on personal peace and safety – there is a real potential for harm to the innocent public. These crimes take place when a person carries a weapon illegally and without the supervision of state authorities. The law contains a number of prohibitions in this regard, such as: weapons possession or purchase of arms, weapons manufacturing or trafficking weapons and extraction of weapons from the military authority. Erez Toobi, Criminal Law expert explains more on weapons violations in the following article: